Music Exploration

Music Exploration

Ages 4-5


  • Twice weekly for 30 minutes
  • Small class sizes
  • Meets and exceeds Utah State Elementary Music Standards

This singing-based Kodály curriculum is used in many elite music conservatories of Europe, and throughout the world. With discovery learning as a foundation, the curriculum utilizes hands-on activities, singing games, movement, folk songs, singing stories, and music of the great composers to joyfully explore foundational music skills.

Students will focus on gaining music experience by singing, listening to, and interacting with a wide variety of music. Children will playfully explore musical opposites, (high/low, fast/slow, start/stop etc.), beat and rhythmic feeling, rhyming and chanting songs, and have positive social interactions with their peers. They will learn to develop critical listening and cognitive skills that are prerequisite for understanding more advanced music in the future.