Middle & High School Music Skills

Middle & High School Music Skills

thursdayS | 9:30-11:00Am

  • Meets once a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Depending on the number of registrants, classes will be split by beginning and more experienced students.

This singing-based Kodály curriculum is used in many elite music conservatories of Europe, and throughout the world. With discovery learning as a foundation, the curriculum utilizes hands-on activities, folk songs, and music of the great composers to joyfully build and refine foundational music skills at a middle and high school level.

Music theory and skills boring? Not in this class! This curriculum will help take the mystery and confusion out of music literacy. Students will develop skills in singing, sight singing, music theory, music history, and music literacy. This is a foundational class and the skills and knowledge gained here can be applied to all aspects of music whether vocal or instrumental. Now is the time for your children to succeed!