Adult & Adolescent Group Voice

Adult & Adolescent Group Voice


Do you want to improve your ability to sing beautifully and in-tune? Do you have tension or experience frequent vocal fatigue?  Do you desire to sing in harmony but struggle to know how? Do you rely on the person singing next to you and struggle to sing independently? Do you feel you are beyond help or you somehow missed the line where they hand out beautiful singing voices? If you say yes to any of these, there is hope… Chances are you just need more effective experience and training, so this class is for you! 

My deepest passion as a teacher is working with those who think they cannot sing, and I joy in their success when they learn they CAN!

Group Voice Class is designed to help improve your singing whether alone or in a group. Through these coaching sessions, special attention is given to relaxed, supported, stress free, in-tune, beautiful “core sound” singing. The great news is, no one is beyond help… everyone can learn and improve their singing!