Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir

TUESDAYS & thursdays | 4:00-4:50pm

Choir is the performance part of our extensive music program. Though not required, It is strongly recommended that choir participants also register for one of the Becoming a Musician classes as we will refer to and utilize information from those classes in the choir setting.

Choir participants will learn, refine, and perform folk songs and art music of the great composers. Choir members will learn in-tune singing, proper diction, sound production, breath control, and artful music interpretation. Strong emphasis is placed on students’ emotional connection with and knowledge of great choral works. You will not want your child to miss this experience!

Come enjoy singing in a choir, learning new music, improving your music skills, and making new friends!

  • Concerts at Christmas time and Springtime. 
  • The Children’s Choir will be a huge part of the spring May Day Festival with other possible performances as well.
  • Learn joyful, high quality music (“only the best is good enough for a child” ZK)
  • Learn to sing in-tune by yourself and with others.
  • Learn to harmonize, and be part of a group
  • No audition necessary, all are welcome
  • No singing experience? No problem, we will teach you as we go