Becoming A Musician – Level 2

Becoming A Musician – Level 2

Must be at least 7


  • Prerequisite: Becoming a Musician Level 1 or approval from program director
  • Twice weekly for 45 minutes
  • Small class sizes will be grouped by common ages
  • Meets and exceeds Utah State Elementary Music Standards

This singing-based Kodály curriculum is used in many elite music conservatories of Europe, and throughout the world. With discovery learning as a foundation, the curriculum utilizes hands-on activities, movement, singing games, folk songs, singing stories, and music of the great composers to joyfully expand important music skills.

Level II will build on what students have mastered in Level I. Through various age appropriate activities, students will continue to develop and expand skills in music sensitivity, the reading and writing of more difficult rhythms and melodies, critical listening, expanded solfa (the do, re, mi, etc. method which is the phonics system of music literacy), and will continue their progress in their in-tune singing and sight singing abilities. Students will begin to identify, analyze, and recreate elements of the music of the great composers, and world-wide music cultures.